For the first time in several months

She’s a frail old lady, barely five feet in height, just 30kg in weight. She looks every bit of her eighty years. And now she’s looking at me, absolutely quiet and afraid of what I may tell her. She’s been having bouts of severe abdominal pain and has been unable to eat her meals properly. […]

The Global COVID Mass Vaccination Juggernaut is Gathering Steam And Showing Results

The number of people vaccinated worldwide against COVID is now approaching 100 million and rising by 4.5 million a day. Israel has vaccinated 33% of its total population and 75% of its elderly population. Norway has completed vaccination of all residents living in nursing homes – the most vulnerable population. The UK has also prioritized […]

Chinese COVID vaccines: Failing to deliver?

As the global pandemic progresses, Chinese vaccine manufacturers falter both with delivery and efficacy of their vaccines. China was the first off the blocks in bringing a COVID vaccine into active use, and had started conducting trials as early as May 2020. At least four companies in China have been mass producing COVID vaccines, most […]

Indian Vaccines: Overseas-Bound

In this post, I have attempted to create a one-stop reference point for supply of COVID vaccines to various countries by Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech. This post will be periodically updated. Indian companies are the major suppliers of vaccines globally due to availability of high quality manufacturers at low prices. Over the next few […]

‘Adverse reactions’ after vaccine shot (not unexpected)

When contacted, Dr Acharya said he was fine and recovering.  Assuring that the vaccine is safe, Acharya told The Indian Express, “There is no need to be scared (of vaccination). I will get discharged tomorrow (on Tuesday).” Acute febrile reaction is quite common with vaccination. In the case of a Mumbai doctor who developed transient […]