Talks & Discussions

My talk on India’s Healthcare System: What has the Pandemic exposed, taught us – at Pondy Litfest

My discussion on the state of affairs in the field of Medicine, on the Carvaka Podcast with Kushal Mehra
Coronavirus Facts with Dr Amit Thadhani, on The Sham Sharma Show.
Discussion on Pandemics and Policy Making, with Harsh Madhusudan, Ramprasad and Kushal Mehra on the Carvaka Podcast
Discussion on India’s COVID Vaccine Rollout with Amit Paranjpe and Srivatsa Subbanna on Bharatvaarta Podcast
Discussion on Indian healthcare situation with Dr Jagadish Hiremut, on Manthan
Discussion with Barkha Dutt on Oxygen Shortage during COVID pandemic
On panel discussion, Healthcare Innovations – Beyond The Headline, at Pharmaleaders Conference 2019
For cool laparoscopic surgery videos, follow this channel.

On Hindustan Times Digital, discussion on the Second Wave, Oxygen, Political rallies and religious gatherings during pandemic times.

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