Project Sharan: An initiative to support education of COVID orphans

The ongoing COVID pandemic has devastated several thousands of families. It is estimated that over 10,000 families have lost one parent and over 1,000 children have lost both parents in the second wave alone. Through our non-profit PEHL Services, we aim to support the education of a hundred children from lower socioeconomic strata who have lost one or both parents to COVID.

Through PEHL we are already supporting approximately 500 destitute children for supplementary education in two cities, Mumbai and Lucknow. We recently started Project Sankalp in Lucknow for providing additional coaching and concept building to children of street vendors.

Some details on our approach and beneficiaries of Project Sharan can be found in this article:

You can support this initiative by contributing through this online link (Indian nationals only).

If you’re overseas and would like to help, you can mail me on and I would be happy to guide you through the procedure to be followed.

Differing opinions are welcome as long as you keep it clean, so go for it :)