New podcast

Did a podcast with Arihant on Ayushman Bharat and govt schemes, why doctors and private hospitals are not lining up for it and what it actually costs to run a hospital in a metro city.

One thought on “New podcast

  1. Sir,
    I am thinking of developing a website where one can track no. of surgeries taking place based on various factors, no. of surgeries already done from certain date to certain date, no. of surgeries pending etc.
    This info will be showed in various graphical formats based on what the user wants. Patients can upload data as well to further increase data input.
    for starter, this can be based on one city namely say Mumbai/Delhi etc. with sufficiently large number of surgeries taking place every day. Which can then be expanded to zones –> states –> country.

    Would like to know:
    1. if such a service would be of any use to either patients or doctors or both?
    2. is such data already available?
    3. for data collection apart from taking from patients, would hospitals & doctors be willing to share such kind of data?
    4. Are there any fundamental points missing in this idea?

    Would be grateful if you could spare few minutes for this.

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